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Private Ukulele Lessons

UkuleleThe Silbernik Music Academy offers private Ukulele lessons for children starting at the age of 7.

The Ukulele is great instrument for younger children to begin their musical journey. Given it's relatively small size, the Ukulele doesn't present the physical challenges that larger instruments, like guitar, can present.

Children are able to begin playing chords and songs in a relatively short period of time, often after the first lesson!

Lessons are custom tailored to each individual students pace.

If the student wishes to switch to the Guitar and is physically ready to handle a guitar's larger size, the transition is relatively smooth.

Most students adjust to the differences between the two instruments quickly.

Many of the skills acquired by learning the Ukulele, such as picking, learning to finger chords, etc., are also skills that are required for Guitar.

Private Lesson Pricing:

Duration Private
30 Minutes $30.00
45 Minutes $45.00
1 Hour $60.00

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Being a musician is a never ending journey of discovery!

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