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What ages do you teach?
  Students ages 6 and older are welcome.

How much are lessons?
  Lessons are $30.00 for a half hour, $45.00 for 45 minutes and $60.00 for an hour. All lessons are held at our studio in Highland Park, IL.

Will you come to my home?
  Sorry, we do not teach in people's homes.

We strongly believe that it is much better to have your lesson in our studio. We have the resources that we need on hand. Additionally, there are no interruptions, so the student is better able to concentrate on his/her lesson.

How long should my lessons be?
  Beginning students should start with 30 minute lessons. Younger students find it difficult to focus effectively for longer than 30 minutes.

If you are at an intermediate level, than a 45 minute lesson is a great slot of time.

Advanced students, and students planning to move on to college music work should have 60 minute lessons.

Can't I just watch YouTube or take lessons on line?
  Online lessons or watching YouTube can be helpful. However, YouTube doesn't give you feedback, and you do not have the benefit of an instructor watching you play with online lessons. Little nuances that make a big difference, such as posture, hand position, finger position, and much more, are just not apparent online. Nothing replaces an instructor sitting with the student.

How much time should I spend practicing?
  We recommend practicing at least 90 minutes per week for adults, and 60 minutes for kids. It is important to practice every day, so breaking this time down into smaller segments is desirable. It is perfectly fine to practice 30 minutes on one day and then 10 or 15 minutes on another. As long as the total weekly time is sufficient.

My son or daughter isn't practicing. Should I force them to practice?
  No. Please do not force your child to practice. Forced practice regimens don't work and can alienate your child from the instrument.

If your child is not practicing, please let us know (your guitar teacher will probably notice it in the lessons anyway). Sometimes it is just simply a matter of finding some different material for your child to work on.

What if I don't have an instrument?
  You absolutely need an instrument! If you don't have one, you need to rent or purchase one.

The Silbernik Music Academy has guitars available for rental. We will be happy to assist you in obtaining an appropriate instrument.

Each instrument is professionally set up, ensuring that you and/or your child is playing an instrument that is easy to play.

Should I rent/buy a good guitar, or will any guitar do?
  It is critically important that students have a good quality, well setup, guitar to learn on. A poor instrument is more difficult, if not impossible, to learn on properly and can cause people to get discouraged.

Does the Silbernik Music Academy rent guitars?
  Yes. We have rental guitars available for our students. You must be a student of the Silbernik Music Academy to qualify to rent an instrument from us.

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Being a musician is a never ending journey of discovery!

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